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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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go gaza and give palestinians time to bury their dead. allegations from both israel and hamas -- leaders from both israel and hamas are headed for egypt to negotiate a cease-fire . this session of congress on track to produce the fewest number of -- [indiscernible] last night house republicans couldn't drum up enough votes for their immigration bill. so they'll be back at work today. the senate didn't pass an immigration reform bill either -- [ inaudible ] we're watching rain this morning coming out of the carolinas into southwestern virginia. there's a lot of rain down
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there. there's been heavy rains at times. see the yellows, the oranges, the red. this whole area is moving northeast. this is why i had to raise the yellow alert flag. the bulk of the heavier stuff is south of 64 but getting closer to charlottesville, richmond. petersburg is seeing it. these lighter showers have lifted to the northern neck. now we're seeing these light to occasionally darker green colors. you see them in charles county, st. mary's, across the eastern shore and even into senior prince george's. -- into prince george's. solomons seeing a little bit of that just south of leonardtown. then on 301 and east toward hughesville and aquasco. highs later on upper 70s and low 80s. here's monika with timesaver traffic to let you know what's in your way this morning. a huge water main break in
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hyattsville over on rhode island avenue. our nikki burdine will give you all the information you need to know about it in just a few minutes. in the meantime, let's check out elsewhere what's going on. there's an accident on the northbound side of i-95 here in virginia in the hov lanes at the fairfax county parkway. although it's on the shoulder, it's just squeezing the right lane enough to cause delays from lorton in the hov lanes northbound on i-95. so sorry about that. in the meantime 395 looks good to the 14th street bridge. let's take a live look outside. here's beltway in college park. no irks here as you travel over to the outer loop on the 95 interchange and over into silver spring is what i'm trying to say. things look good on the westbound side of 495. back to the maps. looking good on 270 southbound. no big delays right now out of frederick. it's about a 15 minute ride. a temporary cease-fire went into effect today in gaza. israel and hamas had agreed on thursday to stop fighting for 72 hours.
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now there's word it's already starting again. >> susan mcginnis has the very latest. >> reporter: at least for now the bloody violence between israel and hamas militants is on pause. in a deal brokered by the united nations and secretary of state john kerry, both sides agreed to put their weapons down for three days and attempt to forge a path to peace. >> it's a moment of opportunity, not an end. it's not a solution. it's the opportunity to find a solution. >> reporter: under the deal israeli forces will be able to continue their main mission destroying hamas built terror tunnels leading to the jewish state. palestinians will be able to receive urgent humanitarian relief like food and medical supplies and have time to care for their injured and bury the dead. in weeks of fighting, more than 60 israelis have died but far more palestinians, more than 1400 have been killed.
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gaza psychology sammy owida expressed concern about how the shellshocked and depressed will cope. [indiscernible] >> reporter: israel and palestinian delegations including hamas are expected to travel to cairo beginning today for formal talks as the international community waits to see if both sides will refrain from further violence. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> hours ahead of the temporary truce, palestinian officials say more than a dozen palestinians were killed in an israeli air strike. several members of the same family were among the dead and israeli officials say hamas fired rockets into israel. the house of representatives will start their august break a little late. g.o.p. leaders canceled a planned vote on an emergency spending bill to address the boarder crisis because of a lack of party support. >> republican leaders will meet this morning, though, to discuss the matter further. meanwhile senate republicans blocked the democratic plan to
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spend $2.7 billion on the border crisis. republicans rejected it because it didn't include any policy changes which make it easier to deport children back home. >> can the united states really secure its southern border keeping drug smugglers and criminals and undocumented migrants out? >> we explain what it might take to actually secure the boarder with mexico and why it's basically impossible. -- >> border with most company and why it's basically impossible. >> reporter: you probably heard many people use the expression "we need to secure our border." >> we've got to get serious about stopping illegal immigration. >> reporter: what does that mean? how do you define that? over the years i've reported on many people who have worked in securing that southern boarder and they will tell you -- border and they will tell you that completely sealing off the border, that no one can make their way through is far- fetched. the southern boarder of the
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united states -- border of the united states runs about 2,000 miles from brownsville, texas to san diego, california. much is rugged and remote and simply a line in the sand. here's another way to look at it. if you were to take one border patrol agent and stagger then every 12 feet from brownsville to san diego, you would need 1.1 million border properly agents to completely work along the southern border. if you had them working two 12 hur shifts you would need 2 toy 2 million border patrol agen. right now the united states only has 21,000 border patrol agents. this idea is crazy, far- fetched. that will never happen. when you look at these numbers and you read these reports, you're really left thinking do we really know how to define how to secure the border? do these numbers paint the best picture possible? >> that was ed lavandera. the country is divided over do
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children. 47% favor a faster process which would speed up deportations. americans overall prefer speeding up the process 53% to 39%. 6:07 now. an anc commissioner in dupont circle is accused of attacking a homeless man and using a racial slur. >> dwyer is accused of throwing the belongings of other homeless people into the street. marion barry's son christopher will spend the next week in jail. he was pulled over for a broken taillight on wednesday. he was arrested for driving on a revoked license. the 34-year-old will remain in jail until a hearing august 7. coming up after more than 30 years of delivering cars and gifts and bills, we tag along with the beloved mailman as his
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entire community comes out to say goodbye. >> you don't want to miss that. wusa9 is back after this. at ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas.
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brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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6:10 on this friday morning. yellow alert. watching ought this moisture. you're looking down toward
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central and southern virginia. the lighter showers have gotten into fredricksburg and into charles, calvert, st. mary's counties and it's lifting to the north. i expect an increase in showers in the metro later this morning into the afternoon. highs will be in the upper 70s and low 80s. good morning, everybody. thursday at owens mills was all about ray rice. the runningback spoke for the first time since getting a two- day suspension and the first time since he took questions since the incident. the press conference thursday lasted about 17 minutes of the many of his teammates were there. they stood behind the media as he fielded question after question. one thing he made sure to do at this news conference, though, was publicly apologize to his wife, something he failed to do last time. rice called the incident the biggest mistake of his life. >> i just replay over and over
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in my head, you know, that's not me. my actions are inexcusable. it's something i have to live with for the rest of my life. my daughter's 2 years old now and i have a little girl who's very smart, very intelligent and one day she's going to know the power of google and me having to explain that to her, you know, what happened that night. i still got kids out there that wear 27 jerseys. i just want to tell them that, you know, please don't make the mistake that i did. i take full responsibility for what happened. my wife can do no wrong. last thing i want my daughter to do is regret me, you know. last thing i want my wife to do is ever live in fear. >> rice and his wife will continue to go to counseling monitored by the team and the league. once the time is right, they will go out into the community and help others and help join the fight against domestic violence. n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell is going to speak on friday at the hall of fame. you know he's going to be asked
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questions about that two-game suspension. >> thanks, kristen. it was a special day for one mailman in arlington, virginia. he retired after more than 30 years on the job on the exact same route. >> as you can imagine, that neighborhood wanted to make his last day extra special. nikki burdine was there as doug dinkel said goodbye. >> reporter: on thursday morning it seemed like a block party was about to start. not an unfamiliar feeling here. for the neighborhood often described as mayberry like. this get together is for one person in particular. >> it's the end of an era. >> he's one of those people you don't want to let loose. >> reporter: they're all here to celebrate the mailman doug dinkel. he's a rare breed, been on the same route for more than 30 years. he lovers dogs. >> you can sit? sit. can you shake? >> reporter: they clearly love
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him. >> i give the dogs milk bones, treats. >> reporter: today the bittersweet feeling is because doug is retiring from the post office. the welcome was a surprise but not surprising to doug. >> look at everybody down here. you going to be good? yeah, right. >> reporter: over the years he's done more than just deliver the mail. he's become a part of their lives. >> every christmas he comes and he brings kids candy canes. >> reporter: watching families grow. making memories. >> i will miss the smell in your house. she bakes cookies. >> reporter: on the last day just as he's done for the past 31 years he delivered the mail. >> good luck, buddy. god bless you. it's been a pleasure. >> reporter: in between delivering hugs, of course. >> we have benefited in the most beautiful way. >> reporter: he's never been late for his rounds even though he's worked through three hurricanes, snowmageddon, ice storms and heat indexes over
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110. >> he's always smiling no matter what the weather, no matter what's going on. >> reporter: doug recognizes this is unusual and it may be may berry h.h.s. esk but to him and dom -- mayberry-esk, but to him and the area, it's just the way it is. >> dominion hills even made him an honorary member of thei neighborhood. >> he plans to continue to hit the streets as a dog walker. i'm sure he's going to have lots of customers on that street. >> he just can't sit still is all there is to it. wusa9 wants to help you find the best and worst gas prices in your area. today we head to germtown, maryland where the most expensive gallon of regular unleaded is at the shell on wisteria drive. it will cost you $3.79. >> cheapest gallon of gas is at w express on middle brook road. gas there will
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so howard, rain? >> on the way. >> what's going to happen with our plans? >> looks like showers around later this morning. the farther south, the steadier, heavier the rains look to be.
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over toward the show, you have plans going to the beach for weekend, you may be watching some movies. >> there are some good movies out. abof moisture us just talking coming in from georgia and south carolina. you see the feed of moisture coming in from charleston and wilmington right up into coastal and eastern north carolina. this is all drifting to the north and northeast. right now it's in the richmond area. it's in lynchburg and roanoke and all tracking again toward us. so we have this to look forward to. i'm not sure it's going to be as intense as what we're seeing south of here but certainly with all the rain down here, i can't ignore it even though some of the models are yes and some of the models are no. richmond, williamsburg, there's some yellows and oranges. heavier rains moving into charlottesville almost to fredricksburg, on the west side of fredricksburg. lighter showers toward southern
6:20 am
maryland. northern neck seeing showers on and off. this goes around to oxford. huntingtown over toward shady side, north beach, chesapeake beach seeing a few lighter showers. waldorf south 301 through la plata, nanjemoy. in d.c. we've got plenty of clouds, a break or two. the sun came up a few minutes apg. we're not really going to see it -- minutes apg. we're not really going to see it today. temperatures will be down in the upper 70s and low 80s. got to 89 yesterday with the sunshine after the nice cool days we had tuesday and wednesday. this morning isolated 50s but more 60s and 70s. so the air mass is completely turned over from just a couple of days ago. much more humid and much warmer. cool spots in the low 60s in upper montgomery and loudoun counties. lovettsville 62. 73 in alexandria. it's 70 degrees on the nose in manassas. look at that fill month 64.
6:21 am
-- philomount 64. national 76 with a dew point of 68. it's certainly a muggy morning. there's another look at it. there's a little kink right there. we can see that is moving up toward us. we'll watch in move away. see the futurecast at noon showing the wayne west. i think it's underdoing -- the rain west. i think it's underdoing it and you should be prepared. this tropical storm will be moving to the west, northwest near martinique by 5:30. looks like it stays a tropical storm, not a hurricane on the west side of puerto rico saturday night. and early next week should make the run between north carolina and bermuda tuesday, wednesday. 82 today, yellow alert. some showers around, isolated thundzer. heavier -- thunder. heavier south. low 80s tomorrow. just a few showers. i'm going to keep a yellow alert. saturday looks better than sunday with more showers and storms sunday and finally drying out and warming up next week. let's go to monika now timesaver traffic on friday morning. our sky 9 showing us a shot of the beltway right here at i-
6:22 am
66 and everything looks fine inbound on i-66 as well coming in through the vienna area early this morning. boy, i swear when i see 66 -- boy, that's rare when i see 66 doing final. let's take a look at the -- doing fine. let's take a look at the graphics. the beltway itself not bad. a crash in lorton is in the hov lanes. a couple of cars involved. police on the scene as well. although it's on the shoulder, it's been squeezing the right lane enough to cause delays through the lorton area and heading up into newington. on the rt side of 95 and 395, this is to the 14th street bridge. things look good over all the potomac and anacostia river crossings right now. let's go back over to the maps and check out the other side of town. over on the bw parkway and route 50 we're in good shame through cheverly. there's been this huge water main break. our nikki burdine has been on the scene all morning long telling us about it.
6:23 am
it's on rhode island avenue at crittendon street. it's going to be there all day long with that cleanup. i suggest you use baltimore avenue instead. over to a live picture once again. no problems to report as you travel on the beltway north of town through the new hampshire avenue area. you know we had that crash on the inner loop yesterday. we'll take a live look if we could on the inner loop of the beltway at new hampshire avenue. the crash happened yesterday at around 10:30 in the morning involving a tractor-trailer. boy, it was a mess on the beltway the entire day until 9:30 last night. loads of complaints about the heavy traffic there. even our mike hydeck got stuck in it yesterday trying to head out in the evening. now let's go to another live picture and show what you it looks like elsewhere at the american legion bridge on the west side of town on our i ipad traffic feature. west side of town both loops of the beltway are doing just fine. we'll be right back after the
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welcome back. 6:26. it's a yellow alert day. as you look at doppler 9000 over the last hour, you see the moisture, especially south of interstate 64. a couple of showers near spotsylvania and a few light sprichgles into southern --
6:27 am
sprinkles into southern maryland. i expect our rain chances going up as the morning wears on. watch out for midday to afternoon showers. temps upper 70s to low 80s. here on the beltway north of town, i'm happy to say things are looking great at new hampshire avenue. no delays both inner and outer loops ever the beltway past -- of the beltway past new hampshire toward 270. monika has been talking about this as well, a water main break in hyattsville is going to cause some major problems during the morning commute. >> it happened at rhode island avenue at crittendon street. wusa9's nikki burdine joins us live from that scene with the latest. nikki? >> reporter: not the way you want to start your friday morning commute. take a look behind me. this is the reason. this is a massive water main break that happened yesterday at about 4:30 here at the intersection of crittendon and rhode island avenue. it happened right here. as you can see, this hole is about 20 by 30. it is massive. so once they get that water main break fixed, then they have to go in and repair this
6:28 am
hole. so it's going to take a long time before we can actually get this fixed. right now we have one southbound lane of rhode island where cars are getting through. obviously that's going to become a big problem when our gets here. -- when rush hour gets here. yesterday rhode island looked more like a river. take a look at some of this video. they lost about six million gallons of water. it poured into the street near crittendon. the cause is a 12-inch main break. the reason is because the pipe is about 73 years old. businesses, homes around here lost water yesterday, had low pressure. most of those residents have water back. however, about 16 businesses here including the district courthouse are without power and they will be without power until this is fixed. >> especially in the morning. i take this route just about every day getting to work. i know it's definitely made a major impact of course in the traffic and commute. i've had friends calling me saying, you know, we're having to detour what's going on.
6:29 am
this is a main route. hopefully it will be fixed sometime soon. >> reporter: just before i started talking to you, i got an update from the water department. they say this will not be fixed in time for evening rush hour either. so avoid this area for morning rush hour. avoid it for evening rush hour if at all possible although right now one lane is getting through on the southbound side, it's going to be a lot worse once more cars try to get through here. avoid it at all costs. they don't know when it's going to be fixed but try to stay away from here at all possible. some early morning showers could give way to some afternoon storms. >> they are south of us now. howard is going to check on where they are. he's on the weather terrace. >> good morning. you saw the haze. it's a lot mugger. frizz alert. the muggies are back and will be with us all weekend long and higher chances of showers and storms right through sunday. here's a look at the forecast for this friday. calling for some showers
6:30 am
around. a few storms this afternoon. and looks like rain chances actually pick up later this morning into the afternoon. highs between 75 and 82. coolest temps will be south because they'll see the rain first. the thicker clouds and all of this moisture coming at us from the carolinas and southern virginia. the bulk is still along and south of interstate 64 but we're starting to see a few showers get from charlottesville up toward fredricksburg and spotsylvania. spoke to jan in reedville. she says they don't have sprinkles yet but we're picking up a few returns in calvert, charles county. we should the yellows and that is reaching the ground either side of fredricksburg. stafford even. that's all headed your way toward the north and east. our temperatures this morning, they're a lot mugger and warmer than they have been in the 60s and 70s. look for a high around 82. monika samtani, we just heard from nikki burr design. we know there's a traffic -- burdine. we know there's a traffic mess there. what else is going on?
6:31 am
an accident in lorton in the hov lanes. squeezing the right lane enough to cause delays coming up from lorton to the accident at the fairfax county parkway. here at the american legion bridge i'm happy to say things look great. no problems both loops of the beltway as you travel on the west side of 495. let's check out the other side of 495 on the beltway near new hampshire avenue. things are good. sigh of relief after all the troubles we went through yesterday. that accident was cleared late last night on the inner loop at new hampshire avenue. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. time now to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> that is why norah o'donnell joins us live from new york. happy friday, norah. >> happy friday. good morning to you, mike and debra. ahead, the americans infected with the ebola virus are expected to come back to the united states. we're at a hospital in atlanta where one of the victims is expected to be taken. we'll have an update on how the
6:32 am
ckc plans -- cdc plans to keep this virus contained. ray rice said he should have accepted any punishment for dragging his fiance. he will join us in studio 57. then mick jagger tells us why he's bringing the other james brown story to the big screen and how the godfather of soul influenced the rolling stones. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys right at 7:00. >> that movie was 15 years in the making. so it's got good reviews so far. we'll check it out this weekend. have a good show. >> a great interview. take care. ahead of the c.i.a. admits the agency improperly searched computers used by the intelligence staffers. >> the staffers were preparing an investigation into the controversial coast 9/11 c.i.a. -- post-9/11 interrogation
6:33 am
program. the c.i.a.'s internal watchdog found some agency employees did inappropriately access those senate computers. >> senator mark udall who sits on the intelligence committee has since called for brennan to resign. congress passes a landmark bill to help veterans avoid the long waits at health care facilities and try to fix other department problems in the v.a. it already has overwhelmingly passed in the house. the bill includes $10 billion in emergency spending to allow veterans who can't get appointments at v.a. hospitals to go see a private doctor instead. the legislation also includes $5 billion to hire more v.a. doctors and nurses as well as a billion dollars to open 27 new v.a. clinics. the $16.3 billion measure is now headed to the president's desk. a highway funding bill clears congress. the 81-13 vote gives congressional approval to pump $11 billion into the highway trust fund. the passage of the bill helps keep federal highway funds flowing to states through the
6:34 am
summer construction season. if it hadn't passed, the highway trust fund would have run out of reserves as of today. that bill now headed to president obama's desk. this is 7ca surprise mome eric cantor says he's leaving congress all together effective august 18. this announcement came just hours after the lawmaker made his farewell speech as house majority leader. cantor lost the primary fight to political newcomer david brat. we invite you to join our wusa9 facebook family and enter to become our next fan of the day. every day next week we're going to give away two tickets to see rod stewart and carlos santana together in concert. >> but to have a chance to win those tickets you need to enter. so wusa9's facebook page is where you do that. you fill out the form. link your favorite facebook picture and you could be
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f/íew anncvideoconferences it's youof the day.rtant hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now. feel the hamptonality 6:37. tracking some rain on doppler 9000 in the form of showers. most is south of i-64. fredricksburg we've seen some showers moving east into charles county. light sprinkles possible in southern maryland and the northern neck for the next
6:38 am
little while. over the next couple of hours their chances of showers will increase and looks like the rain will be here later this morning into the afternoon. back with your seven-day forecast at about 6:45. right now michael and debra. some baseball moments are so good, you wish you could live in them forever. but some cases you just want to take a foul ball home as a souvenir. >> but in today's inside pitch, holden kushner takes you to the home of one fan who may hold the biggest collection of nats memorabilia in the world. >> reporter: this might look like your normal everyday man cave but it's not. here just 25 miles away from nationals park could be the most significant collection of nationals memorabilia in existence. >> reporter: potomac, maryland resident andrew lange has been collecting since the team moved here in 2005. one of his most prize possessions comes from
6:39 am
schneider. >> brian sees me and knows i collect his items. he goes, hey, i've got something really cool for you. he comes back with his chest protector and he goes, do you remember when mike bassick gave up 756 home run to barry bonds? yes. this is the chest protecter. so he signed it and bassick signed it. >> reporter: lange owns this bat which was used by starting pitcher jordan zimmermann during his major league debut back in 2009. >> this is his first ever bat. i thought this was really great. got this from the nationals right after his first game. they misspelled his name and i didn't know if it was mike wallace or jordan himself who wrote in the extra "n" in there but i thought that was pretty cool. >> reporter: then there's this gem from the nats' first ever
6:40 am
playoff game in 2012, a game used baseball that came off bryce harper's bat. >> anything touched by harper, this was his first at-bat. i was like, i haven't seen anything like this before. he fouled the ball off and hit the front of the home plate and it just split. >> reporter: when it comes to historically significant nats memorabilia, it's quite possible that andrew lange has it in this hidden nationals museum. for wusa9 sports, i'm holden kushner. >> if you thought some of that was cool, wait until next week when holden digs deeper into lange's collection and that is no man cave. >> that's huge. 6:40. michael jackson's neverland ranch may soon be up for sale. >> a power couple from new york is expecting a second chil -,
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6:43 am
welcome back. 6:43. howard bernstein with you on this friday morning. a yellow alert day as we're expecting showers to move in later this morning into the
6:44 am
afternoon. i think it will be dry through the morning rush hour. eastern georgia, upstate south carolina and north carolina, more showers coming off the atlantic ocean. it's all coming together with heavier rains in southwestern virginia. it's in the richmond area now. we've had some showers break out in the fredricksburg region as well. picking up a few returns on doppler here in calvert and charles and st. mary's. likely this isn't reaching the ground yet. give it a few hours and it will with all this stuff moving off toward the northeast. southern maryland, st. mary's, southern st. mary's, you may get a sprinkle there and there's been activity in the fredricksburg area. here in washington things are quiet. nanjemoy, a few drops coming down right now. we have a few breaks in the overcast in d.c. making for a neat sky this morning. by 11:00 mid-70s. then this afternoon upper 70s
6:45 am
to low 80s with a better chance for showers here late morning into the afternoon. and that could have a definite impact on tonight's nationals- phillys game. they have a first pitch at 7:05. temperatures will be in -- that's the wrong one. they'll be in the low 70s for the phillys and nationals tonight and a chance of showers around. 59 in pittsburgh. 76 in washington. we have more than one. i must have turned the wrong one on. 71 in atlantic city right now. we're sitting in the mid-70s in washington with 60s in upper montgomery county and loudoun county as well. reston at 67. a sticky 67 in nokesville. haymarket 169 and 71 in -- is 69 and 71 in waldorf. that is a neat looking sky. 76 degrees. the dew points were in the upper 40s the other day. now they're in the upper 60s. the muggies are back and will be with us all weekend long thanks to this system here. there's a frontal boundary we're watching.
6:46 am
this will be moving towards the coast. with that in the vicinity, some upper level energy, we'll be squeezing out showers and storms at time. futurecast is bullish on the rain than i am. i think this is underplaying it especially with all that moisture we're just looking at to our south and west. so i do expect more activity here for the afternoon. then tonight another round of showers on and off. saturday may not see too much activity here. might even get a few breaks in the afternoon but looks like we'll see some heavier stuff returning for potentially sunday. we've got bertha now. this is a tropical storm. center of circulation on the west side of this glob of convection. it does appear it will be near martinique this afternoon. staying a tropical storm western puerto rico, eastern tip of the dominican republic and tuesday, wednesday next week shoots between north carolina and bermuda avoiding the u.s. 82 degrees. scattered showers and some storms today. 69 tonight, a few more showers. tomorrow probably the drier day of the weekend with a few showers around. still going to go a yellow alert to be on the safe side.
6:47 am
more showers and storms sunday. highs kept down in the low #s on. next week drying out. might get by monday but i still think there's a threat for some afternoon storms 88. then hot by tuesday. high of 91. monika samtani timesaver traffic. we've had a sure of irks this morning. >> we have -- of issues this morning. we have and i'm going to start with the big one over in hyattsville live from our sky 9 where there's been a water main break since yesterday afternoon. it's affecting rhode island avenue on our sky 9 camera if we have that rhode island avenue at crittendon street. a live look right now where on the southbound side you have one lane getting by. northbound lanes are blocked on rhode island avenue here in hyattsville at crittendon street. with six million gallons or so spilled across the roadway, yup, this is going to be there for a while. our nikki burdine has been telling us all about it this morning. that is going to take all day long before they can open up some more lanes if not till tomorrow. we'll keep you posted of course
6:48 am
on this situation. let's go over to a map so i can show you exactly where we're talking about. here's the beltway. we're talking right here above the bw parkway in hyattsville on rhode island avenue. my suggestion is avoid that area and go ahead and take baltimore avenue instead. let's go outside live and show what you it looks like here on the beltway at new hampshire avenue. no issues to report on the outer loop. in fact, it's if i morning light. even here on the outer loop westbound 495 as you travel into silver spring and the lanes are open as well. another live look, this time on the other side at the american legion bridge and coming down on 270 to this point looks good. down from frederick and over to the beltway across the legion bridge into tysons corner. no problem there is on route 7 or route 123 or on the silver line. let's go over to our maps again. there was a long-standing minor crash over on the northbound side of i-95. by the way, as i said 270 looks good. northbound 95 triangle to woodbridge looks good into lorton though there was a crash above that at the fairfax
6:49 am
county parkway in the hov lanes that was causing delays from lorton. that was because they were squeezing the right lane sitting on that right shoulder. at least triangle, dumfries, dale city, all of those look good. this time we'll check out what it looks like on the northbound side of 395 to the 14th street bridge and inbound 66. no problems as you come in from manassas toward the beltway and here's what it looks like if you're planning to head into the downtown area. a pretty shot. no issues over any of the potomac or anacostia river crossings. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. did you ever try to park in the district and you cannot figure out what the parking signs say? sometimes two of them argue against each other depending on where you are. if parking tickets are driving you crazy, you definitely aren't the only one. >> i found one stretch in northwest d.c. where the parking signs are extremely confusing. >> reporter: i received this parking ticket for parking here on wisconsin avenue in georgetown but as a person that
6:50 am
does transportation stories, i figure if i can misread this sign, well maybe others can, too. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: this sign along wisconsin avenue near o street reads "two hour parking." >> 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> reporter: that's monday through friday. also from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. saturday. >> and then -- >> reporter: down there, no time limit parking 6:30 to 10:00, that's monday through saturday. >> and then no time limit in the evening hours. right? >> reporter: i'm asking you. >> i think that's what it means. >> reporter: the sign even confuses veteran transportation watchdog john townsend of aaa mid-atlantic. let's say i park here at 4:30 in the afternoon, could i? >> it's off limits but at the bottom says it's good to go. >> if you park between 4:00 and 6:30, it's rush hour so you can't park. >> reporter: how do i know that from this sign? >> they don't have it. >> reporter: but look up there another sign in a a of them
6:51 am
and this red one says 4:30 parking is in the middle of the rush and is a no go. >> that's where they get you. >> reporter: who's going to look all the way up there? >> actually no one. >> there's no layperson who would know what the sign means. >> reporter: we're going to go todot and -- to ddot and see if they can explain it for us. this is not confusing to you? >> not confusing to me. >> reporter: what do you say to the people who say it's confusing? >> well, what we do is we give you time. we can educate you just like this report we're doing now just to make sure we make it clear. we're actually doing better signs so we're clearer when you can park and can't park. >> reporter: patterson even shows us one of the new signs but here's the most important part of this story. read between the lines. so we shouldn't look to these signs to tell us when we can't park but rather when we can? >> exactly. >> i can hear howard
6:52 am
complaining about this. i think he's probably gotten a ticket in this area, too. do you have a transportation related issue that's driving you crazy? drop us a line and tell us at i think that howard is going to probably end up-- >> the comments to that story were fantastic. very, very funny. that was fun. >> it was nice to talk to people. but seriously it was confusing to a lot of people. hopefully they'll make some changes. wusa9 wants to help you find the best and the worst gas prices in your area. this morning we head into sterling where the most expensive gallon of regular unleaded is at the unnys on rudder road. >> the cheapest gallon of gas is at the sunoco on hardwood forest drive. gas there will cost you just $3.63. time to answer today's question of the morning on our facebook fan page. about a third of people say they have owned one of these in the 1980s. is it a, a walkman, b, a black light, or c, leg warmers?
6:53 am
>> wusa9 facebook friend rita maria love says i still own leg warmers. got to have them for the winter. >> the answer is b, the we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that!
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